Sunday, April 21, 2013

So late to the party... is it over?

Lately there's been so many discussions online in the game development community I've started to get a little jealous about people's ability to leave their word online in a more organized and accessible way.  I could write articles here and there for publications, but to be honest I've been longing for a no-hassle place to put down useful personal thoughts about game development techniques and the industry.

So, hey, why not try blogging for a while on Google's dime and see if I keep up with it?  If so, I'll bother with a domain and getting all fancy later!  ;)

Disclaimer:  I don't consider myself an academic when it comes to design.  I work from experience and how things feel, and constantly find myself in awe of people who are better able to structure arguments that I've felt internally but never found words for myself.  I consider myself practical above all else, and I always strive to give advice that is actionable.

If I can give out some helpful advice that quantifiably makes some projects or developers better, that's all I can hope for.

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