Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Getting a new smartphone is SO SO SO much fun.

I know this is typically my blog on games and development... but please forgive me a quick personal rant.

Things told directly to me before I bought my Samsung Note 5

1) People trading in an iPhone and swapping over to Samsung get a $200 Best Buy card.

2) Until the end of the year, Samsung will pay your mobile bill.

3) Since you're coming from an iPhone, you will get a $100 Google Play credit to use in their app store.

4) When you register a Samsung Pay account we'll send you a free $50 wireless charging pad.

5) The trade in value on my old phone is $95.

Sounds like a pretty hefty amount of discounts, I really dig the Note 5 stylus setup... yeah!  Lets do this!

Number of those claims that actually came true after the transaction?  None.  Zilch.  Nada.  El zipporooni.

1) $200 gift card?  Oh hey, that's not valid for AT&T customers, even though I was standing there specifically looking at an AT&T phone when told this, and the $200 special is printed ON the phone tag right next to the AT&T logo.

2) Bills paid for 3 months?  Yeah, no.  I signed up for it, and for *precisely* 15 days I checked in with the Samsung site that tells me "your bill pay program is being processed".  This morning, I get an email that says nope... not for AT&T users either.  You know why I got the email today?  Yesterday was the last day I could change my mind about the contract I signed.  This is no coincidence.

3) $100 app credit?  Nuh uh.  Not actually true.  Again, related to being on AT&T apparently.  No $100 credit to use on apps, which involves no physical goods or cost to honor.

4) Free charger base pad thang?  Ha.  Signed up, even though it only takes 4 specific types of cards.  Days later, received notice that my "order" for the charger was indefinitely backordered.

5) $95 trade in value?  Despite one associate looking at my old phone and telling me that was the case, when I returned the next day, after swapping my info over to my new phone, I'm told the trade in value is $23.  Twenty three.  Despite being a completely functional phone and not cracked or anything, there are "some scratches" on the back... changing the value from $95 to $23.  Obviously I didn't go for that.

It gets better!

I threw my old phone on eBay, it sold for around $130.  Yay!  That person tells me it arrived with the package ripped open, and somebody in the mail service literally stole the very well packed phone.  After a whole day of basically being accused of being a scam artist, who clearly must have... like, took a ripped up empty box to the UPS store and they mailed it with no questions asked.  That's the thought here.

I refunded the money they paid, and so now I'm completely out of pocket for everything, didn't actually get a penny from selling my old phone, and have to wait for some postal system bureaucracy to see if they'll even cover the insured cost of the old iPhone.

Oh and hey!  I cracked my screen on the new phone when it slid out of my pocket in a theater and fell less than a foot to the floor.  The phone case I ordered earlier arrived that night.  I ordered the Best Buy protection plan for it... tomorrow I get to find out why that clearly must not be valid either.

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